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Why Choose healthTREK

Patient Information Tracker

With healthTREK, you can keep track of the information that you get from health professionals regarding diagnoses, treatment plans, and appointments. Input new information as you get it, on whatever device you desire! The information will be saved across all your devices for seamless access.

My Mood Tracker

The Mood Tracker allows you to keep track of your mood across, days, weeks, and even months, and it gives you advice on steps to take with health professionals based on significant and long-term changes.


At healthKids, we encourage healthy lifestyles for kids. We want kids to be able to keep a positive, conscious, and open-minded outlook on health.

A Little Bit About Us

Elise Tong

Elise is a rising junior at Largo High School in Largo, Florida. She wants everyone to know that she loves mint dark chocolate :) Also, she likes to dance, read, write, bake, and code!

Evelyn Colon

Evelyn is a rising senior, and she also goes to Largo High School. She is one of the biggest music nerds you'll ever meet, and you'll probably find her singing, playing her cello, reading, coding, or playing video games.